• Trumpet Orange Flower Vine
  • Trumpet Orange Flower Vine
  • Trumpet Orange Flower Vine

Trumpet Orange Flower Vine

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The beautiful, eye-catching, deep orange to salmon-red trumpet-shaped flowers of this spectacular, fast-growing vine are borne in large clusters, forming at the ends of branches. Exceptionally fast-growing to 25 feet in height/length.
Made In India
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Trumpet creeper. It's a flowering creeper. It's a beautiful flowering plant. Easily grown in most soils. Best in lean soils with regular moisture in full sun. Growth is more aggressive in rich soils. Foliage grows well in shade, but plants need good sun for best flowering. Feed this flowering vine in early spring with a well-balanced "nursery-type" fertilizer or organic plant food. If unsure as to how much fertilizer to apply, refer to instructions on the product label. When given room to grow, Trumpet Vine does not require pruning. It can, however, be trained to grow over entryways, along a fence, or over an arbor and other structures where some pruning may be required to keep growth in bounds.

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