• Rare Himalayan Rudraksha Tree - Plant
  • Rare Himalayan Rudraksha Tree - Plant

Rare Himalayan Rudraksha Tree - Plant

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1 healthy rare Rudraksha tree live plant. A Holy Plant With Lot Of Spiritual Significance.. Rare Exotic Live Plant Which Is A Symbol Of Power And Purity .
Country of Origin: India
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Grow a magnificent Rudraksh plant in your home and recite Shiva mantras with pure prayer beads.

A huge, broad-leaved tree belonging to the Elaeocarpaceae family is called a rudraksha. It has a cylindrical trunk and is an evergreen tree. It has a round portion. The bark has a rough, white-greyish colour and has little vertical lenticel and horizontal furrows.

Rudraksh's leaves have a serrated form and are a brilliant green colour. The flowers are roughly 1 to 2 cm in diameter, ovoid, conical, and elongate. Rudraksha seeds are also referred to as blueberry beads because, when completely ripe, they have an outer husk that is blue in hue.

Plant Specifications

Plant Height
36 inch ( 91 cm)
Plant Spread

7 inch (18 cm)

 The given specifications are simply illustrative. Actual measurements could differ by 10%.
Common Name
Rudraksha,Praying bead plant
Maximum Reachable Height
Up to 15 m
Bloom Time
October to December
Difficulty Level


Planting And Care

  • When the topsoil seems dry to the touch, water a plant. Water your plants liberally in the summer and sparingly in the winter and during the rainy season.
  • After fertilizer application water should be given to the plant.

Rudraksha Tree Care

  • Maintain the plant in bright, indirect natural light.
  • Check the moisture in the soil by poking it with your finger or a simple little stick.
  • When the top 1-2 inches of soil feel dry to the touch, water.
  • After receiving it, wait at least two weeks before repotting.

Uses for Rudraksha Trees:
  • The plant is utilised both ritually and as an ornamental plant.
Medicinal Use:
  • utilised in the treatment of neurological, gynaecological, and psychiatric problems as well as blood pressure and asthma
  • Note: Before applying or consuming plants or plant components, please consult a health professional.

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