• Passiflora (Krishna Kamal) Blue Colour Vine
  • Passiflora (Krishna Kamal) Blue Colour Vine
  • Passiflora (Krishna Kamal) Blue Colour Vine

Passiflora (Krishna Kamal) Blue Colour Vine

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Passion Flower Blue Botanically known as Passiflora vitifolia from Passifloraceae family. Common names are Passion flower, Rakhi flower, Lal Krishna kamal, Passion phool, etc. It is a perennial semi-evergreen flowering vine & it requires trelling or chain like fencing or arbors for growing over it.  It can be grown in big pots/containers but it's better to directly plant it into the ground for more vigours growth. The leaves are three-lobed. The common name and the species name vitifolia is derived from the shape of leaves resembling that of grape leaves. The flowers are stunning, bright pink and are fragrant too.
Country of Origin: India
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Why it is Called Krishna Kamal???  It is believed with reference of Hindu epic ‘Mahabharata’ that: there are about 100 of blue petals one for each of the Kauravas. 5 of the yellow ones in the centre is one for each of the Pandavas. The green bulb in the centre symbolises Draupadi, the queen of Pandava. The three filaments are for the holy trinity of Brahma-Vishnu-Shiv and, The radial in the centre is the Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Krishna. MAXIMUM HEIGHT - It's growth are unlimited, but normally grow between 8 - 12 meter height. BLOOMING YEAR - It blooms almost 8 months in a year, some times through out the year depend on the climatic condition of perticular area. GROWING TIPS - It can grow almost in all type of soil and it can easily grown at any Indian Climatic condition.
  • Plants grow very quickly and should be given a strong support to climb on.
  • For fast growth it needs support, the more support it will grow very quickly.
  • It can grow either in full sunlight or partial sunlight is also okay to grow.
  • For lush green & bushy appearance better to plant it directly in the soil.
  • After 1 month you can transplant it into your permanent location in full bright light condition.
  • It can also grown in bushy condition, if planted in pot and by regular pruning.

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