• Michelia Champa, Son Champa Flower Plant

Michelia Champa, Son Champa Flower Plant

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One of the best attractive fragrant flowering plants. Low maintenance plant. Popular fragrant flower plant for outdoor gardens.
Country of Origin: India
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The plant will bloom and that will be of orange-colored flower. Michelia champaca, known in English as champa, is a large evergreen tree in the Magnoliaceae family. This name is a synonym of Magnolia champaca. This evergreen, semi-tropical large tree or shrub has large mid-green leaves and sweetly fragrant orange flowers come in June-July. Fruits are oval-shaped and clustered along with a spike. Twigs are ascending and forming a narrow umbelliform crown. The tree is planted near Temples and as an ornamental in parks, and its timber used in woodworking. Flowers are used as votive offerings and are often worn in the hair as an adornment.

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