• Orange Blood Red Malta Fruit Grafted Live Plant

Orange Blood Red Malta Fruit Grafted Live Plant

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Light : Direct Sunlight Temperature : Moderate Watering : Medium Propagation : By Cutting, Grafting Maintenance : Low
Country of Origin: India
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“Blood Oranges are a very unique species of orange. The malta fruit them selves are red fleshed and when juiced have a hint of raspberry. It is a very beautiful ornamental orange. The tree is an evergreen and can grow to soaring heights of 12- 15 feet if planted outside. It is a very beautiful ornamental orange”.

Hindi- Santra / Narangi, Tamil-Oranju / Kichilipazham, Malayalam- Madhura Naranga, Telugu- Kamala Pandu, Kannad- Kithilai, Bengali- Kamla Leboo, Gujarati- Santara, Marathi- Santre, Oriya- Kamala, Punjabi- Santra. 

Light : Direct Sunlight 

Temperature : Moderate 

Watering : Medium

Propagation : By Cutting, Grafting

Maintenance : Water once a week when blood orange trees have become established, keeping the soil moist, not wet. Skip watering during rainy periods. Feed the tree three to four times a year with an organic fertilizer, working it into the soil around the tree and watering in well.

Plant essential

Fertilizer/Feed  : Phosphate fertilizer is important for newly planted orange trees. The tree will need less once it becomes established. Newly planted trees require 1 3/4 cup liquid phosphate fertilizer mixed into the soil.

Common problem

Small brown-black lesions on roots which may coalesce and turn entire root black for prevent this keep area warm during winter to encourage vigorous root growth; use good quality potting soil which provides good aeration.

Raised lesions on leaves, often at leaf margin or tip for prevent this   all infected trees should be removed and destroyed.


The fruit Malta is also said to boost the immune system and to be effective for treating pneumonia, blood pressure, stomach and intestinal problems and diseases related to vitamin C deficiency. The peel is used for facemasks to reduce skin ailments and acne, and the seeds are used to produce high protein cattle feed and also used in fertilisers.


Q- Will this plant delivered healthy at my doorsteps?

A- Yes it will.

Q- If plant get damaged while transporation or delivered to customer house. What you will do?

A- We will replace the plant.

Q- Do oranges contain more Vitamin C than lemons?

A- Oranges and lemons contain almost similar amounts of Vitamin C, with Orange being slightly higher. Also, both contain more Vitamin C in the outer skin than the pulp itself. However, lemon juice contains more Vitamin C than Orange juice.

Q- Why are blood oranges red?

A- The red color is due to the presence of anthocyanins, pigments belonging to the flavonoid family. Powerful antioxidants, they reduce cellular aging and improve vision.


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