• Almond (Kagaji Badam) Grafted Live Plant
  • Almond (Kagaji Badam) Grafted Live Plant
  • Almond (Kagaji Badam) Grafted Live Plant

Almond (Kagaji Badam) Grafted Live Plant

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Almond is one of the most liked nuts. Consuming this nut is very beneficial for health as well as skin.However,almonds are quite expensive to buy. So, you can grow an almond plant in your kitchen garden.
Country of Origin: India
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Almonds are sensitive souls, and are fussy about their growing conditions, which unfortunately means they can be about as challenging to grow as they are delicious. The trees require hot and dry conditions, as they especially enjoy areas that have long summers with hot, dry, sunny weather, and therefore a long growing season. They prefer well-drained, deep, loamy soils, they will tolerate other soil types, including poor soils, as long as they are not wet or poorly draining, which they absolutely cannot abide. They especially benefit from extra watering in early spring, during the summer, and sometimes during the first months of autumn, but really need a helping hand at the beginning of the growing season, as starting off the season too dry can result in a significant decrease in production. However, it is important not to water them around or near harvest time, with commercial growers stopping irrigation around 3-4 days before harvest. This means it?s a bit of a guessing game when growing these, and you have to find just the right balance to achieve a good harvest.


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